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Pallini Peachcello 50 cl - White Peach Liqueur for Bellini Aperitifs

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Why it’s so delicious?

Pallini Peachcello White Peach Liqueur is produced by Pallini, a family-run company known for its specialty liqueurs and syrups. Originally founded in Antrodoco, Italy in 1875, Pallini moved its facilities to Rome in the 1920’s. The company is still family-run to this day, passing the trade down to at least 5 generations. They introduced their Peachcello liqueur around 1999 – roughly the same time as their world-famous Limoncello.

Although Pallini doesn’t give details about their Peachcello production process, we can infer that their current recipe is similar to the liqueur’s origin story – but perhaps with fancier techniques and equipment. In this story, the founder’s son’s wife infused the fresh white peaches in alcohol (as a preservation technique), then mixed the leftover infused alcohol with fresh peach juice and sparkling wine. They do disclose that their peaches are sourced from the orchards of Emilia Romagna, and chosen for being at their peak flavor.

❖ ABV: 26%

❖ Distillery: Pallini

❖ Aging: N/A

❖ Price Point: moderate price

Although Pallini doesn’t have any official tasting notes listed for this liqueur, there are a few notes that various retailers seem to agree on:


❖ Peach

❖ Vanilla

❖ Spice

Tasting glass willed with orange liquid, next to an open bottle of Peachello White Peach Liqueur, sitting on a wooden table

As I began to take a whiff of this liqueur, I noticed that there was a strong peach aroma that wafted upwards from the glass. The peach notes smelled surprisingly fresh, and there was a sense of flavorful sweetness. The aroma really reminded me of peach rings – except without the artificial quality of the candy. Overall, this liqueur smelled very smooth, with no alcohol aroma at all.

My first sip of Peachello was a true surprise! To be honest, I felt like I was drinking candy rather than an alcoholic beverage. The peach notes were very prominent, as I expected. After a few sips, the spice notes began to come out. The spice is very subtle, but it adds an extra little kick to the mouthfeel. The overall texture of the liqueur felt thick and rich.

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