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Balsamic Vinegar Modena DOP, Aged Traditional, Dimenticato 1972, Wood Gift Box

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“Dimenticato dal 1972” is a dense and extraordinary aged balsamic vinegar from unripe grape clusters that are pressed resulting in a slightly sweet sour juice. The freshly pressed juice is concentrated by cooking, placed in small barrels and left to ferment and mature for many years. It has a balanced taste with strong, intense and persistent aromas due to the unripe grapes. In the light it has a slight cloudy veiling, indicative of the characteristic processing, although filtered it retains small particles derived from the unripe must of origin.

It is perfect for seasoning soups, peperonate, stews, meat and vegetables. Try it to add an extra touch to your dishes.

Red wine vinegar has ancient origins and is one of the most popular in Italy and in countries where grapes were historically grown. It was already produced in Ancient Greece and Rome. In fact, vinegar comes from the Latin "vinum acre," meaning soured wine.

It is made by fermenting wine through the action of bacteria that oxidize the ethanol in the wine and turn it into acetic acid. The quality of vinegar depends on the wine used to start with.

Vinegar has many properties: it contains many vitamins and minerals, such as phosphorus and iron. It has few calories, so it is also perfect for diet regimens to flavor foods. The grape's natural polyphenols make it an antioxidant, useful for counteracting the action of free radicals and slowing cell aging. It also helps reduce blood sugar. If you suffer from stomach acidity or are diabetic, it is not recommended to consume a large amount.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
I can't get enough of this balsamic vinegar

It's versatile, delicious, and the wood gift box makes it a luxurious addition to any kitchen.

J. Hampton
Balsamic like never before

The aged traditional balsamic vinegar is like nothing I've ever tasted before. It's so complex and flavorful, a little goes a long way.

The best I have ever used

I've tried a lot of balsamic vinegars, but nothing comes close to this one. The wood gift box makes it perfect for gifting too.

Cagney A.
This balsamic vinegar is liquid gold

So rich, thick and sweet, it elevates every dish to a whole new level.