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Prosciutto of Norcia seasoned

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Authentic Fine Food imported from Italy

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Why it’s so delicious?

Prosciutto di Norcia PGI is flavoursome but not salty, with a delicately spiced fragrance. It is compact when sliced and ranges in colour from pink to red.

Older, heavier animals are selected, giving the ham its unmistakable pear shape and guaranteeing the perfect amount of fat and a weight of at least 8.5 kg.

The ham is salted twice over using sea salt.
First it is covered completely with salt and left to rest for a week at temperatures of between +1 °C and +4 °C and humidity levels of between 70 and 90%.
The salt is then removed and the ham is ‘massaged’.
It is then covered in salt for a second time and left to rest for longer (between 14 and 18 days). Once the second salt coating has been removed, the ham is brushed and massaged once again.
The legs, which have been laid flat until this stage, are now hung and left for between 2-5 months.

The legs are washed and dried again. Next, the exposed part of the muscle is coated with sugna, finely minced, seasoned pig fat. The process is extremely important as it protects the ham from external agents, keeps the inside soft, guarantees even seasoning and prevents it from drying out too much.

The hams are seasoned in specially equipped rooms, guaranteeing adequate air flow and the right balance of temperature and humidity. During the seasoning process, ventilation and exposure to light and natural humidity are permitted, taking into account the local climate. The seasoning process – from salting through to the sale of the hams – must last a minimum of 12 months as set out in the production specifications.

Norcia - Umbria

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Never received, they never responded to email tracking information. Going to have to stop payment

Not a reliable company 🙄😣

David K.
One of my favorites

I am a big fan of Italian cured meats, and the Prosciutto di Norcia PGI did not disappoint. The texture is silky smooth, and the flavor is exquisite. It's perfect for adding to sandwiches or even as a pizza topping.

Sarah M.
Highly recommended

If you're looking for a prosciutto that is rich in flavor and texture, then look no further than Prosciutto di Norcia PGI. The color is vibrant, and the aroma is simply divine. It's perfect for adding to a charcuterie board or as a snack on its own.

John D.
I love how delicious it was

The flavor is subtle yet complex, and the texture is perfect. It melts in your mouth and leaves you wanting more. Highly recommend!

Maria S.
Absolutely stunning flavor!

The Prosciutto di Norcia PGI is hands down the best prosciutto I've ever had. It's not too salty and has a wonderful spicy aroma. Slicing it is effortless and it pairs perfectly with some good cheese and wine.