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Cannonau Di Sardegna DOC Costera 2021 Argiolas

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VITIGNO Cannonau, Carignano
DENOMINATION Cannonau di Sardegna DOC

PAIRING Meat, Cheeses, Cold Cuts

Behind a good wine there are always three factors to be taken into consideration: the first is the land, a unique and indispensable material without which the vine could not take the right nourishment; the second is the microclimate that makes the grapes perfect, favouring the right ripening; and the third is the man who, with his hands and, above all, his love, transforms the grapes into that nectar we enjoy. Argiolas, a historic winery in Sardinia, which has its roots in an area particularly suited to the cultivation of vines such as Sulcis, has been able to blend all these ingredients to perfection, giving life to unique and typically territorial wines. The Cannonau di Sardegna Costera is a fine interpretation of this indigenous grape variety which, combined with a small percentage of Carignano and Bovale, fully reflects the character of this land: decisive and warm but at the same time fresh and with refined taste-olfactory sensations.

To the eyes it appears a beautiful ruby red with purple hues, and on the nose it offers fruity notes of blackberry and plum, gooseberry, humus and graphite, Mediterranean scrub and slight spicy accents. The palate is structured and warm but well balanced by a smooth tannic texture, the right acidity and good flavour.

It can be paired with first courses with meat sauce, roast red meats, chicken with peppers and moderately mature pecorino cheese.
The Winery

Argiolas is absolutely one of the most important wineries in Sardinia: located not far from Cagliari, specifically in Serdiana, it has been in operation since 1906 and unifies almost 250 hectares of land. Skilfully run by the family of the same name, the winery owes its birth to the figure of Antonio Argiolas, the winery's founder; it is thanks to his far-sightedness that, over the years, the estate has grown, expanded and set the conditions for Giacomo Tachis to be called upon to collaborate on the creation of a project that marked the birth of a legendary wine, Turriga. Today, Argiolas is a reality capable of guaranteeing a range at the highest qualitative levels, contributing concretely to the prestige that Sardinian wines are displaying before the world, a qualitative constancy that goes hand in hand with a production that exceeds 2 million bottles per year and allows for total market coverage. From Costamolino to Cannonau, via the traditional Monica, the wines of the Argiolas house amaze and enchant for their goodness.

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