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Agrì di Valtorta Cheese - Presidio Slow Food

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Authentic Fine Food imported from Italy

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Why it’s so delicious?

Valtorta is a small town in the Brembana Valley of about 300 inhabitants where a unique dairy tradition still endures: here, in the local cooperative dairy, but also in the houses, Agrì is produced, a small cylindrical cheese made from whole raw cow's milk whose peculiarity lies in the production technique that requires three days of processing and special manual skill on the part of the cheesemaker.

After an acid coagulation of the raw milk obtained by grafting it with a little acid whey preserved from the previous processing and the addition of a little rennet, it is left to rest in the basin covered with a cloth. After one day the mass is allowed to drain in linen cloths hung up for another day. On the third day, it is put in curdling baskets and left for another 24 hours. Then the curd, with its acidity now very high, is kneaded with a little salt, manipulated to form cylinders three centimeters in diameter and about 50 grams and placed to dry a few days.

Agri is eaten between 8 and 15 days, but it is also interesting after more than a month of aging. When young, it is a cheese with a sweet, aromatic flavor and delicate aroma. The paste is white and soft in fresh cheese, but becomes more compact in aged cheese and is always free of holes. The rind, absent in the fresh product, transforms with aging, taking on a color ranging from yellow to gray.

In the old days, when connections from Valtorta to the valley floor were anything but easy, the women of Valtorta would knead what was called "agro paste" and carry it on foot along mountain paths inside panniers and bundles to nearby Valsassina where the cheeses were then processed.

Origin: Alta Valle
Brembana DOP

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