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Alto Adige DOC Müller Thurgau 2021 St. Michael Eppan

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VITIGNO Müller Thurgau
DENOMINATION Südtirol - Alto Adige DOC

AREA OF PRODUCTION Appiano sulla Strada del Vino (BZ)
PAIRING Aperitif, Fish, Pizza, Pasta

Among the best-known and most established wineries in Alto Adige, Cantina Produttori San Michele Appiano holds a place of absolute importance. Founded at the beginning of the last century, it brings together under its umbrella 340 winemakers, all united by the same spirit of dedication, attachment to traditions and great love for the land. The wines produced by this great winery, fully reflect the enhancement of the terroir and the personality of the grape varieties typical of these areas, such as Müller Thurgau: a particular variety created in 1882 by Hermann Müller of Thurgau, Switzerland, from a cross of Riesling and Sylvaner.

Brilliant straw-colored with greenish highlights, it gives the nose typical aromas of white flowers, ripe peach and mineral notes of flint. The palate is moribund, savory, fresh and balanced and closes with a lovely almondy finish.

Served around 10° it is an excellent aperitif, perhaps when paired with shrimp or salmon canapés, otherwise it goes well with linguine vongole e fiori di zucca, a potato-crusted turbot or a delicate zucchini omelet.

The Winery

If Alto Adigeʼs wine is now known and respected throughout the world, it is due to the San Michele Appiano cooperative winery and its historic "kellermeister," winemaker Hans Terzer, who has been at its helm for more than 30 years and has been honored by Gambero Rosso as one of the worldʼs top ten winemakers. From here began a real revolution that subverted from the roots a largely backward and unprofitable viticulture for winemakers. Gathering some 340 winegrowing families scattered across several locations on the outskirts of Bolzano, vineyards covering a total of 380 hectares in territories with different characteristics, and net 2.5 million bottles sold each year, the San Michele Appiano winery has made a name for itself that is now known to the general public. The flagship line alone, "Sanct Valentin" , is enough to make every wine enthusiast and connoisseur quiver with excitement. Through eco-friendly viticulture, which follows the traditional pergola method side by side with the Guyot method, the biological balance of the vines is encouraged in a natural way. During management work in the vineyard,moreover, a team of highly qualified technicians and agronomists constantly supports each contributing member, offering valuable advice on how to conduct the rows. Careful and strategic choices make it possible to get to harvest qualitatively excellent fruit. Once the fresh, healthy grapes arrive at the winery, they are vinified separately according to their areas of origin and quality. Attention, even in the winery, to the characteristics of each vineyard has become almost an art: a work that is based on in-depth research and continuous monitoring, in full respect of traditions, while both stainless steel tanks and oak barrels are used to age the wines. From Gewürztraminer to Müller Thurgau, from Sauvignon to Riesling, from Pinot Blanc to Lagrein, each bottle is the perfect expression of the varietal in which it was born. Fresh and vibrant wines, characterized by a clear territorial appeal and surprising average quality. In addition to the aforementioned Sanct Valentin, we arrive at the "Classica" line via the "Selezione" line: all the labels bearing the "San Michele Appiano" label are the daughters of passion, experience and a constant search for quality without compromise, values that are at the basis of this great winemaking reality, a guarantee of territoriality, elegance and excellence. 

Customer Reviews

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I recommend this

If you're looking for a light and crisp white wine that's perfect for a warm summer day, look no further than this Müller Thurgau. The greenish highlights in the color are a beautiful touch too.

This wine is a winner!

The mineral notes of flint really add depth to the aroma, while the peach flavors on the palate make for a delicious and refreshing sip.

Michael H.

I'm not usually a fan of straw-colored wine, but this Müller Thurgau has changed my mind. It's so smooth and refreshing with a lovely hint of almonds on the finish.

Müller Thurgau is an absolute gem!

The floral and peachy notes on the nose are just divine, and the fresh and balanced taste is perfect for any occasion.