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Amaro Arancia Selvatica - Wild Orange Amaro Siciliano

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Why it’s so delicious?

World Amaro Awards Medaglia d'oro GOLD METAL

Amaranca, a refined wild orange liqueur, crafted in Sicily, following an ancient and still secret family recipe. Enjoy this captivating liqueur with its citrus notes, dark and intriguing appearance, and elegant taste. Best served chilled, neat, or mixed with premium tonic for a refreshing long drink.

Amaranca is a fine liqueur produced in the beautiful region of Sicily, following an ancient family recipe that remains a well-kept secret. Made with quality ingredients such as wild Sicilian oranges Melangole, unique in their kind, and extracts of medicinal herbs and roots that grow in the shadow of the majestic Etna volcano. The result is a liqueur with an unmistakable taste, with citrus notes, a dark and intriguing appearance, and an intense and fruity bouquet. Perfect both as a digestif at the end of meals and as a base for summer cocktails, such as the long drink with Amaranca and premium tonic.

Romeo Vini is a Sicilian company that has been dedicated to the art of winemaking for over forty years, with particular attention to the variety and richness of the island’s native grape varieties. The Romeo family, deeply linked to the territory, has been able to combine tradition, experience, and innovation to create a range of products that enhance the innate qualities of Sicilian raw materials.

The family vineyards are located on the hills of Salaparuta, in the Belice Valley, where Nero d’Avola, Inzolia, Catarratto, and other native grape varieties are cultivated. The care and passion for viticulture are also reflected in the production of the ‘La Valle dell’Etna’ line of liqueurs, made possible thanks to the exceptional fruits offered by the generous volcanic soil. Among these stands out Amaranca, a distillate of wild orange peels from Etna, a masterpiece of taste and a symbol of Romeo Vini’s love for the authentic traditions and flavors of the Sicilian territory.


maranca, a refined
wild orange liqueur,
crafted in Sicily



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