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Tiramisu Artigianale Firenze, Capolavoro Dolce, Città delle Arti

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Authentic Fine Food imported from Italy

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Why it’s so delicious?

White chocolate and spice cake

Perfect to conclude a dinner of sweet and sour dishes, to refresh a summer afternoon, to toast to future generations who know no boundaries.

I would call this cake an "outsider" of the Pistocchi cakes, because it is based on (white) chocolate, but includes many aromas, citrus and spices, which make it exotic and familiar at the same time. Rich in warmth, complex, moderately sweet, it expresses all the tenderness of a father for a daughter in a swirl of flavours.

In the home laboratory Pistocchi, the birth of little Elisa, daughter of Claudio Pistocchi was celebrated by dedicating a special creation to her, thus the Eliza cake this cake is the result of 4 years of experimentation and testing and is a perfect union between Thailand and Italy: white chocolate, citrus fruits, pineapple, yuzu, a citrus fruit that recalls the scents of bergamot, lemongrass, ginger and a total of 9 different spices.

A cake that has in itself the exotic references ofAsia and Tuscany, a riot of citrus, spicy and delicate notes at the same time!

To taste the cake, take it out of its mould, cutting the edge of the tray and tearing it off when the cake is still very cold, sprinkle it with a very thin veil of its cocoa and… hold on!

Give it time to soften at room temperature at least twenty minutes (less if in summer): you won't regret it!

Over time, Pistocchi cakes have seen the birth of new variations of taste in addition to the  Classic cake, also the Torta Pistocchi with chilli pepper, Sicilian citrus fruits, Coffee, the two white variants, Raisins and rum and Pears.





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