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Bialetti Perfetto Moka Ground Coffee, Delicate Aromi, 1 x 250 gr

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Authentic Fine Food imported from Italy

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Perfetto Moka
Thanks to Bialetti's experience, the perfect Moka coffee is born: the Perfetto Moka.

Perfect in the roast, grind and taste.

Perfect in roasting

Roasting is the moment when the coffee's aroma is developed. Traditional and artisanal, Bialetti's roasting method has a long and controlled duration, allowing the full aromatic spectrum of the coffee origins to stand out.

Perfect grinding
Perfectly designed and calibrated grinding for preparation in Moka. The specific size of the coffee powder guarantees a full-bodied in-cup result, giving creaminess and aromatic intensity.

Perfect in taste
Selection of the best berries, perfect blending and roasting of every single batch to ensure a combination of flavors and aromas perfect for preparation in Moka.

New aroma-saving packaging
Soft pouch packed in protective atmosphere, ensures coffee freshness.

Special aroma-saving valve, ensures optimal preservation of its natural aroma longer.

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