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'Bottega Veneta' Tiramisu Liqueur Cream - 500ml - Made in Italy

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Why it’s so delicious?

Indulge in the luxurious embrace of Italy's cherished dessert with each sip of 'Bottega' Tiramisu Liqueur Cream. Crafted meticulously with a rich base of Alpine cream and authentic Italian mascarpone cheese, this 500ml elixir is a tribute to tradition and quality. Enhanced by the finest egg yolk, exquisite cocoa from Santo Domingo, select Arabica coffee beans from Ethiopia, and an essence of gluten-free savoiardo (ladyfingers), this liqueur is a symphony of flavors that replicates the beloved tiramisu.

Each batch is sweetened to perfection, striking an elegant balance that complements the natural ingredients. Alcohol is not merely a preservative in this artisanal concoction but also an agent that adds vigor and body, echoing the depth and texture of tiramisu's original delight.

Color and Appearance: 'Bottega' Tiramisu Liqueur Cream boasts a signature tiramisu cream hue, a delicate light beige with subtle yellowish tones, inviting and authentic to its dessert inspiration.

Nose: Aromatic notes of cocoa and Arabica coffee interlace with the sweetness of ladyfingers, all harmonized with undercurrents of rich cream, mascarpone, and egg. It's a bouquet that evokes the essence of a freshly constructed tiramisu.

Taste: Upon tasting, the palate is greeted with a charming dance of flavors. Cocoa and coffee notes prevail, intertwined with the familiar taste of cookies, all seamlessly blended with the smooth and full-bodied flavor of mascarpone cheese.

Pairings: This versatile liqueur is a delightful conclusion to any meal, especially when served chilled. It is superb when paired with creamy ice creams, as a garnish for frothy desserts, or alongside traditional Italian sweets like panettone and Easter doves. For a simpler treat, it complements dry pastries such as butter cookies and ladyfingers. Elevate the experience by garnishing with a sprinkle of bitter cocoa powder to accentuate its innate chocolate notes. Beyond dessert, 'Bottega' Tiramisu Liqueur Cream proves itself as a creative cocktail component, adding a unique twist to Vermouth-based concoctions.

Savor the authentic taste of Italy with 'Bottega' Tiramisu Liqueur Cream—a creamy delight where heritage meets the art of liqueur craftsmanship.

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