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'Bottega Veneta' I Love Italy Vegan Lemon Liqueur - 600 ml - With Amalfi Coast Lemon - Made in Italy

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Why it’s so delicious?

Immerse yourself in the zesty spirit of Italy with the 'Bottega Veneta' I Love Italy Vegan Lemon Liqueur. This 600ml tribute to tradition is lovingly crafted with the peels of the "Femminello" lemon, a prized cultivar from the sun-kissed Amalfi Coast renowned for its finely textured peel and exceptionally high-quality essential oils.

The lemons selected for Bottega Limoncino are cultivated with meticulous care, grown naturally in ideal conditions that foster their unique flavor — a hot, dry climate, and well-draining soil abundant with gravel, sand, and peat. The meticulous process begins with the lemon rinds steeping in alcohol for approximately 30 days, a time-honored method that allows for the full extraction of the vibrant aromatic and color elements.

After the infusion reaches its aromatic zenith, the liquid is delicately separated from the lemon peels. The finishing touch is the blending of sugar and a high-quality grappa, elevating the Limoncino to its status as a unique and distinguishable delight.

Color and Appearance: A radiant lemon yellow color is the hallmark of this liqueur, a visual feast reminiscent of the bright Italian sunshine under which its ingredients were nurtured.

Nose: Your senses are greeted with the intense aroma of ripe, juicy lemons — a burst of freshness that conjures up images of lemon groves perched along the terraced coastal cliffs.

Taste: Each sip delivers a sweet and full-bodied lemon experience, brimming with juicy goodness and balanced by subtle, refreshing hints of citrus zest. It's an invigorating taste that captures the essence of its natural ingredients.

Pairings: Versatile in its use, this vegan lemon liqueur is perfect as a key ingredient in crafting light, aperitif cocktails. Served ice-cold, it provides a delightful digestive aid after meals. For dessert, it beautifully complements the creamy richness of ice cream, the frosty sweetness of sorbets, or the fresh, juicy flavors of a fruit salad.

Embrace the Italian love affair with lemons through the 'Bottega Veneta' I Love Italy Vegan Lemon Liqueur — a celebration of natural cultivation, artisanal infusion, and the passionate pursuit of flavor.

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