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'Bottega Veneta' Limoncello Spritz - Box of 6 bottles x 200ml - Made in Italy

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Why it’s so delicious?

Introducing the 'Bottega Veneta' Limoncello Spritz, a sparkling ode to Italian conviviality and la dolce vita. Each box contains six 200ml bottles of this innovative twist on the iconic Spritz, crafted for those who cherish moments of joy and refreshment. Bottega's Lemon Spritz is not just a drink, but an instant celebration, ready to be uncorked and enjoyed wherever the spirit of leisure beckons.

Recipe: The essence of this delightful Spritz is born from a blend of vivacious sparkling wine and the infusion of organically grown Sicilian lemons, a region renowned for producing some of the world's most flavorful citrus. The addition of mint infuses a cool, herbaceous quality, creating a taste that is at once vibrant and soothing. The effervescence of this sparkling concoction is all-natural, derived from the wine itself rather than external carbonation, ensuring each sip is as fresh as it is lively.

Aroma: Upon opening a bottle of 'Bottega Veneta' Limoncello Spritz, you are greeted with an intense lemon fragrance that transports your senses straight to the sun-drenched groves of Sicily. This citrus burst is beautifully complemented by the refreshing scent of mint and the fruity nuances characteristic of a fine white sparkling wine.

Taste: The flavor is a harmonious symphony of freshness and complexity. The zesty lemon and crisp wine notes dance on the palate, creating a bittersweet melody that is both invigorating and satisfying.

Pairings: This Limoncello Spritz is the epitome of convenience and elegance — a ready-to-drink cocktail that simply asks to be served chilled. Pour it over ice, garnish with mint leaves, and you have a perfect aperitif that pairs wonderfully with an array of savory nibbles. From the salty crunch of chips to the rich, creamy textures of cheese, this Spritz complements and enhances a diverse range of appetizers.

Celebrate the ease of entertaining with the 'Bottega Veneta' Limoncello Spritz. Whether you're hosting a sunny garden party, toasting to a special occasion, or simply unwinding after a long day, this light, low-alcohol cocktail is your go-to choice for instant refreshment and refined flavor. Cheers to the moments that matter, with a touch of Italian flair in every bottle.

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