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Italian Buffalo Mozzarella cheese

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Buffalo Mozzarella is one of the most typical products from the Italian region of Campania: this cheese has a flavor so unique to deserve the nickname ‘white gold’. Let’s deepen the knowledge of this specialty, finding out how it’s made and many interesting facts. Let’s savor its authentic taste, taking advantage of the precious help of its most traditional producers, associated in the Consortium for the Protection of Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDO.

What is Buffalo Mozzarella?

Buffalo Mozzarella is a kind of cheese produced, as it’s easy to understand from the name, with buffalo milk: it’s quite different from ‘Fior di Latte’, another type of mozzarella which is made with cow’s milk instead. Originally from the Campania region (located in Southern Italy), this famous specialty belongs to the category of stretch-curd cheeses (formmaggi a ‘pasta filata’), prepared by heating the curd which, this way, becomes elastic. This allows the cheesemaker to process it, adjusting the shape and size of the paste. Although it’s available in different shapes, the most classic Buffalo Mozzarella is round, boasting an inviting white color. To fully understand the value of this culinary masterpiece, it’s necessary to bite it: this causes a large quantity of milk to spill, generating an explosion of flavor in the mouth.

Origin: Andria
- Italia 

Customer Reviews

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John M.
The packaging and protection was top notch

The product is fresh and tasty, the packaging is unique and it’s very convenient to use. The company has a very good customer support service.


I really love this cheese and I have tried a lot!! I will definitely be ordering this again.

Matt A.
Buffalo Mozzarella cheese

I was very impressed with the packaging and how fresh it smelled, like nothing I've ever bought in the store. Since I'm a huge fan of Mozzarella, I decided to make a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. It was amazing!

Davison S.
Very impressed with this cheese

I loved the cheeses and I was very impressed by the packaging. The cheeses were wrapped in tissue paper, and then sealed in a plastic bag. The presentation is beautiful, and very classy.