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Chardonnay 2022 Friuli Venezia Giulia - Jermann

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VITIGNO Chardonnay

PAIRING Aperitif, Meat, Cheese, Fish, First courses

Jermann is a company that confirms, if ever there was a need, its aptitude for the production of quality wines; a model reality aimed at the continuous search for perfection. Silvio has grit to spare and the ability to look far ahead, qualities that, added to the peculiarity of the lands of Isonzo and Collio Friulano, make the wines produced result, to those who will drink them, clean and straightforward, soft and decisive at the same time, fully representing the typicality of each grape variety.

Clear and bright golden yellow in color, it introduces suave and delicate fragrances of fresh fruit and white flowers. In the mouth it is silky at first, then expresses vigorous freshness and minerality.

As an aperitif to accompany canapés, canapés and herb omelette bites. Throughout a meal it will enhance white fish and shellfish dishes, rustic vegetable pies, delicate white meats and fresh cheeses.

The Winery

Jermann's roots go way back, beginning in 1881 when its founder Anton arrived in Friuli Venezia Giulia, continuing the winemaking activities previously undertaken in Austria and Slovenia. It was the first moment of a glorious journey that reached a turning point in the 1970s, with the young and imaginative Silvio taking over the reins and who, thanks to his studies in oenology and his experiences abroad, began to produce wines with a modern style that took the company to the top of the Italian and international wine industry. The family property covers 150 hectares, 130 of which are vineyards. The vineyards are distributed in three main areas: on the precious hill of Ruttars, where the vines benefit from a light and cool soil and a not-too-hot microclimate with important temperature ranges; the Isonzo area, with stony soils, sunny and ventilated; and the Villanova di Farra area, home of the old winery, in a very suggestive area of the Collio DOC. The new winery, built around the vineyards of Ruttars is capable of combining tradition and modernity, a real flagship that welcomes visitors in a truly magical and unrepeatable atmosphere. Thanks to the innovative winemaking equipment employed without betraying ancient traditions and populated by large oak barrels, here wines are born, both white and red, that are positioned in the high-end sector and within the catalog there is no shortage of world-recognized excellence. A quality that has enabled the company to win numerous international awards. Many fine varietals give life to Jermann's labeled wines, some considered true benchmarks in the category, starting with the harmonious Vintage Tunina and Capo Martino, followed by Vinnae and the renowned Where Dream Can Happen, whites from single-vineyard grapes, to Riesling Afix and Red Angel, with Pinot Noir in the spotlight. Jermann is a winery in constant dialogue with the world, but always remains faithful to the one great condition that makes for great wine: love of the land. 

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