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Conciato Romano Presidio Slow Food

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Authentic Fine Food imported from Italy

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Why it’s so delicious?

Conciato Romano is a hard cheese with ancient origins, claimed to date back as far as the Samnite civilization. The production of Conciato Romano is a cheese-making tradition revived in the late 1980s by the Lombardi family in Castel di Sasso, in the province of Caserta, and handed down from generation to generation until it became a Slow Food Presidium of Campania.

The Le Campestre farm produces this fine cheese using the ancient technique of breaking kid rennet, coagulated with sheep's milk, by hand. After being pressed by hand, salted and dried, the cheeses are "conciate," that is, they are first washed with the water used to cook pettole, a typical homemade pasta that releases a layer of starch on the cheeses, after which the actual concia is done, which involves covering the cheeses with a sauce of oil, vinegar, piperna, ground chili pepper and Casavecchia wine. When finished, the cheeses are crammed into an earthenware amphora corked, suitable for aging.

Conciato is a cheese intended for very long aging, from six months to two years. Once the amphorae are "uncorked," the scent of Conciato Romano can be smelled dozens of meters away!

Its organoleptic characteristics are very reminiscent of Fossa cheese, although Conciato has more balance and fragrance. It is a kind of resurrected cheese, which means strong olfactory reduction, alcoholic and ripe fruit sensations on the nose and great tasting personality, which can even reach a very pronounced spiciness.

Pairing such cheese with sweet preparations can be a good idea: lemon, fig, chestnut or strawberry tree honey, rather aromatic quince jams. Excellent both for cutting and grating, a sprinkling of Conciato enhances any first course or Neapolitan pizza.



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rebecca Taylor
The taste and flavor is fabulous

I recently tried Conciato Romano and was blown away by its delicious taste. The cheese is hard and crumbly but has a surprisingly smooth finish. It has a strong, nutty flavor that lingers on your palate. I can't wait to try it again.

David Anderson
Definitely worth trying

As someone who loves exploring different types of cheese, Conciato Romano is a standout. The hard texture is unique, and the flavor is bold and complex. This cheese is perfect for adding to a charcuterie board or grating over pasta.

Samantha Rodriguez
Conciato Romano is a cheese lover's dream come true!

This hard cheese is full of rich, nutty flavors that leave you wanting more. The ancient origins of this cheese just add to its appeal. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new favorite cheese!