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Craft Beer Baladin Nazionale Case of 12 bottles x 33cl

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Authentic Fine Food imported from Italy

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Why it’s so delicious?

It was September 2011 when Baladin Nazionale was born, the 100% Italian beer, made from barley malt from Melfi, hops from Cussanio and yeast bred in the Piozzo plant. Teo Musso defines Nazionale as the crowning achievement of an important project that aims to use only Italian raw materials with the promise to establish close relationships with suppliers from many Italian regions, so that they can be guaranteed a product that always lives up to Baladin's quality standards. It begins with the Blond Ale Nazionale, which is intended to be the starting point, but with the hope of expanding the concept of an all-round Italian spirit as much as possible!

Intense yellow in colour and slightly veiled, it has a white, thin foam with good persistence. On the nose, delicate aromas of white-fleshed fruit combined with herbaceous tones emerge, with cereal veins in the background. when tasting, one immediately grasps the great balance, which is like a interplay between the freshness of the citrus and the slight bitterness of the hops. Long and pleasant persistence on notes of camomile flowers.

Very versatile in pairing, it can be paired with burgers and fries, with pizza but also with cheeses, both fresh and medium mature. Exquisite with ricotta and spinach ravioli served with butter and sage.

Baladin Beer
Among craft beer enthusiasts, Baladin is a name that needs no great introduction but, like any self-respecting story, let us start from the beginning! It is not just a name but a real brand that includes, in addition to beer, other beverages and dedicated venues, totally involving the public in the culture of the food and wine world. Behind all this is a man, the owner of Selezione Baladin (this is the company's full name), who answers to the name of Teo Musso, born Matterino Musso, born in 1964, the son of peasant parents from whom he learnt the bond with the land; Teo grew up in a traditional family where there was little choice at the table: either drink water or wine, strictly home-made by his father. Free-spirited and untamable, Teo is not up for it, he wants to drink beer and thus begins his first approach, purely towards industrial products (also due to the historical period), but already there the desire to deal with something more complex begins to make its way inside him. Some time later Teo went to Montecarlo for a study holiday at the Hotel de Paris, where his uncle was a pastry chef, and here he got to know Chimay Blue, coming into contact with new sensations made of flavours and fragrances. Once the holiday was over, the master brewer returned to Piozzo and took over an old tavern, transforming it into a brewery with around 200 references, calling it 'Le Baladin', which in archaic French means 'storyteller'. A few years go by and the real leap in quality arrives: not only selling other people's beers but also something 0 km. Teo flies to Belgium where he learns craft brewing techniques and returns home with a new baggage that allows him to make his first beer on tap, in the garage next door. The rest is history: in 2012 the brewery became an 'agricultural company' and today produces an unspeakable range of references! Eighty per cent of the barley needed for beer production comes from the property's own land and a large part of the water and hops come from the Langhe; despite his unstoppable success, Teo has remained a simple and humble man: every Sunday anyone who wishes can visit the Baladin brewery and will be welcomed by Teo Musso in person! 




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