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Organic Formaggella di Tremosine Cheese

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Authentic Fine Food imported from Italy

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Why it’s so delicious?

The cheese of Tremosine 1.3 kg is a cheese with an intense and characteristic flavor, perfect for enriching pasta dishes or flavoring a tasty salad. I suggest you combine it with a full -bodied red wine, like a Amarone of Valpolicella, to enhance its decisive flavor.

In the kitchen, you can use it to prepare a delicious fondue to be served with toasted bread croutons or to enrich an omelette with seasonal vegetables.

Also experiences the combination with honey and nuts for an original and tasty appetizer.

Origin: Tremosine
Lake Garda
- Italia 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
This cheese is a must-try for any foodie!

As someone who loves trying new and unique cheeses, Organic Formaggella di Tremosine Cheese is a standout. The flavor is unlike anything I've ever tasted - bold, nutty, and incredibly delicious. It's perfect for adding to pasta dishes or using as a topping on a salad.

S. Rodriguez
This cheese is a must-have

The intense flavor is truly unforgettable and adds an incredible depth to any dish. I've used it in pasta dishes, salads, and even on pizza, and it never disappoints.

Dave A.
Highly recommend!

If you're looking for a cheese that packs a punch, this Cheese is the perfect choice. The flavor is bold and full-bodied, with hints of nuttiness and a touch of sweetness. It's the perfect addition to any pasta dish or salad.

R. Taylor.
Not your regular cheese

Formaggella di Tremosine Cheese is a true gem among Italian cheeses. Its intense flavor adds depth and complexity to any dish, and it's versatile enough to be used in a variety of ways. Whether you're adding it to pasta or topping a salad, this cheese is a must-try