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Fresco di Masi Rosso Organic 2022 Masi

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VITIGNO Corvina, Merlot

PAIRING Aperitif, Meat, Cheese, Fish, Pasta

The Fresco di Masi line presents itself as a sincere proposal under the banner of genuineness: organic wines, made according to an essential process, from the vineyard to the glass. Simple wines, as they used to be, but good, as expected today, low in alcohol and with an immediate taste. The grapes are harvested in the very early hours of the morning, to keep their freshness intact, and are vinified immediately, without raisining or ageing in wood, only with the native yeasts already present. Undecanted and unfiltered, Fresco di Masi is offered in two versions: here is the Rosso, from Corvina and Merlot. Even the choice of packaging is 100% sustainable: the bottle is in a light, transparent glass, the cork in natural cork and the absence of the capsule underlines the plastic free concept.

Pale cherry red with excellent transparency, the nose smells of pomegranate, currants and crunchy wild strawberries. Even the sip reveals a vivid originality and essentiality at the same time, offering a playful and linear drink.

Surprising as an aperitif and with simple Mediterranean dishes, it is perfect with a charcuterie and cheese board but also to accompany a classic caprese.

The Winery

The history of Masi corresponds to the history of the Boscaini family, one of the most important families in Italian viticulture. A history inextricably linked to that of its vineyards: the winery's name derives from 'Vaio dei Masi', meaning 'little valley of Masi', a vineyard located in Negrar, in the heart of Valpolicella, which the Boscaini family acquired at the end of the 18th century and where everything began. Over the course of time, the company has grown further through successive acquisitions in the classic areas of Valpolicella, Bardolino and Soave, which have always been suited to a viticulture that aims for excellence, also benefiting from the collaboration of the Serego Alighieri Counts, who belong to the descendants of the poet Dante. It has also developed projects in Tuscany, Rovereto (Trento) and Argentina. Today, the company is managed by a well-coordinated team of experts with Sandro Boscaini as President and CEO, well supported by his daughter Alessandra, responsible for administration and sales. In addition to the special attention paid to the selection of vineyards, the Masi company is above all committed to safeguarding the autochthonous techniques of viticulture, with a centuries-old tradition, with constant updating towards innovation. The result is products of absolute value, in which the uniqueness and character of each individual wine is exalted, keeping faith with a precise style. Masi is a leader in the production of historic wines such as Amarone, made using the appassimento technique, with the "Mazzano" and the "Costasera" Riserva, always at the top of Italian and international wine guides. It has also rediscovered and improved the double fermentation technique that gives life to 'Campofiorin', ironically nicknamed 'Supervenetian' and, still in the classic Veronese area, it is a protagonist with white wines such as Soave 'Levarìe', from Garganega and Trebbiano grapes. Considering its holdings in the prestigious Trento DOC, the 'Altemasi' line, a rib of the famous and historic Cavit cooperative, is the perfect bubbly for every occasion. 

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