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Grana Padano

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Savor the classic taste of Grana Padano cheese! This Italian delicacy has been made in the same traditional way for over 900 years, providing its unique flavor and texture. An ideal snack or ingredient to top off your favorite dishes, Grana Padano cheese is sure to enrich your table with its deliciousness!

Long-celebrated as Italy’s bestselling hard cheese, Grana Padano is a crumbly, delicately sweet hard cheese that was first produced in Milan by Cistercian monks nearly 1,000 years ago. An alternative to Parmigiano Reggiano, its’ subtle flavor allows it to be incorporated into recipes without overpowering the dish’s other components.

First produced nearly 1,000 years ago by Cistercian monks of the Po River Valley in northern Italy, Grana Padano remains Italy’s bestselling hard cheese and was awarded the Protected Designation of Origin label, which preserves the tradition of its’ production. Produced from the partially skimmed milk of Holstein-Friesian cows, Grana Padano is then aged anywhere from 9 to 30 months, thus affecting the cheese’s aroma and flavor; younger wheels have a sweeter tang, while older wheels possess more complex, nutty flavors.

Grana Padano is crumbly and capable as both a snacking cheese or, as an alternative to Parmigiano Reggiano, grated over pastas and salads. Its versatility doesn’t end there, it also works splendidly incorporated into main dishes, such as risottos. 

Origin: Parma
Emilia Romagna

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Jennifer B.
Great Cheese and Fast delivery!

Great Cheese and Fast delivery!