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Mito delle Ore Grappa Berta latta decorata

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Why it’s so delicious?

Mythology tells of a distant time when reality became history, history legend and sung legend turned into myth. Mythology tells of the existence of the Hours, daughters of Zeus and Themis, guardians of Olympus and protectors of the heavens.

The Berta family, finding the Myth of the Hours in a fresco in the halls of Monteu Roero Castle, decided to entrust these miraculous goddesses with their product. Myth of the Hours, a Grape distillate that asks them to oversee the cycle of the vine, its fruit and nectar.

It expresses a complex, delicate, enveloping aroma with great personality and nuance. The flavor is rich, enveloping and delicate, with great harmony and persistence.

Berta Grappa
Four generations starting in 1866 to arrive at the birth of Grappa Berta in Casalotto di Mombaruzzo.

It all began with Paolo Berta who, thanks to the experience gained in the local wine houses, decided to start producing grappas and liqueurs that were different from the usual. Along the way, the distillery began to make its products known even abroad in ceramic bottles or in particulate crystals. Year after year the Berta family continued in research and the building of new markets, until the 1990s when Paolo and Lidia, his wife, decided to retire, leaving everything in the hands of their children.

Intense years of hard work, starting with changes to the distillery back in Mombaruzzo, characterized by the steam-powered stills that work constantly to transform the pomace into the sweet but powerful divine nectar. Over the years Berta has made several barricaded grappas, the most famous of which include Berta Magia grappa or the founder's grappa berta riserva.

Mombaruzzo Asti



Customer Reviews

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This is definitely a top-quality grappa

The complexity of the aroma and the delicate yet rich flavor of Mito delle Ore Grappa Berta is unmatched.

The taste is amazing

I will buy this again and again.

George W.
So good

It's definitely worth trying!


The aroma and taste are both complex and rich, leaving a delightful aftertaste. Highly recommend.