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Moon Serenate Luna di Miele - Honey-Flavored Cheeses to Savor

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Authentic Fine Food imported from Italy

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Why it’s so delicious?

The fragrance fills the air with sweet and strong aromas.
It doesn’t take long to realise that you are in front of something special. The delicate and pungent scents of honey, the enveloping and rich ones of truffle, the combination of strong and balanced aromas and flavours. These products tell the stories of places, emotions and delights.

During the initial cheese making stages the paste of the flavoured cheeses, unlike the other refined products, is enriched with the addition of ingredients such as honey and truffle.

Casearia Carpenedo’s flavoured cheeses are made by expertly mixing high quality ingredients with the paste before being aged in crust with other fragrances that give a deep and intense flavour.

The first, the only, the inimitable

There have always been attempts to copy the Carpenedo Method. But it is impossible to replicate because it is based on precise and secret processing procedures, plus several unique ingredients which include the knowledge of local traditions, life and travel experiences, a culture of using the most diverse raw materials, passion and a lot of instinct. .

All this transforms the cheese into an emotion, the emotion of Carpenedo. .

The processing is as complex as it is unique, with unexpected flavours and innovative combinations that change the essence of the cheese, starting from the paste, which is transformed, its flavour becoming subtle and elegantly elevated by the aromas dosed with wisdom.
A unique, unrepeatable and inimitable metamorphosis.

Origin: Dolomiti
Italian product


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
I love this

The cheese is a real delight. Its bite, flavor and texture leave you wanting more.

Good stuff

Just tried it for the first time. OMG! This is the best cheese I have ever tasted! We eat a lot of cheese in our house and this is definitely going to be a staple for me. Thank you so much for bringing such amazing food to us!

Dalia N.
Top quality

I purchased a 1.10 lb. wheel of cheese. It arrived in excellent condition and is of very high quality. I will definitely order from them again!

Great deal

We have tried many types of cheese but this one is the best. We have it on plain bread or with pasta, as a snack or in place of cheese in salads. We've even used it in place of parmesan cheese on pizza. It's also a great gift idea!

Awesome taste and flavor

It's a truly unique cheese that you can only find in Italy, and one of the few kinds of cheese which are unique. It's very aromatic. It's delicious on its own or grated over pasta or polenta.