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Old-fashioned Stracchino from the Orobic Valleys - Slow food Presidium

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Authentic Fine Food imported from Italy

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Stracchino cheese from the Antica delle Valli Orobiche, ptypical product of Valtaleggio - Vedeseta.

Slow food Presidium

Stracchino all'antica delle Valli Orobiche is an excellent raw whole cow's milk cheese, freshly milked, with a rind, washed, elastic and pink in color. Stracchino all'antica has a soft, smooth structure, and there may be two pastas: one more creamy and the other also chalky. In the mouth it is initially sweet and then savory with a typical bitter note and sometimes with sensations of spiciness. Smell and aroma are complex and persistent Stracchino all'Antica is an ancestor of Taleggio, originating from the Brembana, Taleggio, Serina and Imagna valleys. Today this dairy specialty has become a Slow Food Presidium.

In Social Dairy of Branzi Casearia 1953 the processing methods have remained unchanged over time, only the tools have changed in proportion to the quantities of milk that are transformed every day, here it is the art of the dairyman who has always decided when the curd clot is ready for breaking, when cooking is right and how to cut it, his expert hands work it and then introduce the mass into the molds. Here it is worked Stracchino with Antica delle Valli Orobiche.

On the occasion of the Transhumance of cattle in the direction of the Alpine pasture and vice versa, the animals were faced with uncommon labors while the Shepherds were not provided with the usual "tools" used in the dairy for the production of cheese, all this led to having, in that moment, a production of a cheese that was quick to prepare and which took the name of Stracchino from the dialect term "stracch”In the sense of tired-tired.

With cheese Stracchino all'Antica we wanted to return to appreciate a production that incorporates the aromas and flavors of the dairy tradition so well established over time.

The raw cow's milk.

Unlike other stracchini such as Taleggio, the all 'Antica one has a thicker crust, does not undergo the typical treatment of "washed crusts" and any "flowering" is of natural origin obtained during the ripening period.

The areas where the production takes place are Brembana-Taleggio-Serina-Imagna Valleys.

At tasting it shows a typical square shape, flat faces where the slight furrows left by the support surfaces used in the maturation phase are evident, such as Surface a slightly pink and thin crust and the straight side. 

Product sheet Ancient Stracchino from the Orobic Valleys: Territory Production area Valtaleggio - Vedeseta.

Taste Taste medium sweetness with a slight sapidity, a very light note of bitterness that enhances the typicality of production. These sensory notes tend to increase slightly in order to the ripening of the cheese.

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