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Organic Flour Type 01 Umbria for PIZZA - BIOLOGICO ITALIANO

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Authentic Fine Food imported from Italy

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The Centumbrie organic flours are born from the milling of our grains grown with organic farming methods.
The grinding is slow and at low temperature with granite masses with a reduced stress effect on the grains, thus allowing to obtain flours of better organoleptic and nutritional quality .
Our flours, in addition to being ground in purity, are free of added additives (milk and derivatives, vitamins, preservatives, malt, etc.)

  • Flour 1 is ideal for creating fragrant and digestible pizzas, with the flavor of the past. Particularly suitable for processing indirect doughs with medium and long leavening times.

Thanks to the monolithic natural stone processing system, the cereal is ground more slowly and the germ, that is the nutritional part of the grain, remains intact, preserving the organoleptic qualities in the best possible way.
Health is important, which is why our product is de-refined and keeps intact the nutritional elements essential to our organism.

Ours is a traditional production process that uses technology to guarantee a very high quality. Everything starts through an optical sorter that identifies any defect present in the beans that enter the machine after being cleaned and continues by passing the product through a metal detector positioned on the chain for an accurate inspection upstream of the packaging process.

Our commitment is to be increasingly eco-sustainable and guarantee our customers the quality of products from a territory, the Umbrian one, rich in biodiversity and excellence, cared to give the best of itself every year, to be the generator of a product really organic.

Customer Reviews

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J. Bailey
Now my go-to flour for all pizza making needs

It's perfect for any pizza recipe, and the crust always turns out amazing. This is a must-have for any pizza lover.

As described

If you're a pizza lover, you have to try this. It makes the most amazing crusts with a perfect texture and flavor. This flour will make your homemade pizza better.

I'm in love with Organic Flour for Pizza

It's so easy to work with and produces the most delicious pizza crusts. I'll never go back to using regular flour again.

Five stars!

The crusts come out perfectly every time, with a crispy exterior and chewy interior. This flour takes homemade pizza to the next level.