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Piedina Romagnola IGP

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Why it’s so delicious?

The Piadina Romagnola or Piada Romagnola has ancient origins and narrates the story of the people and the traditions of Romagna, the land placed in the northern east part of Italy on the Adriatic cost. Born as a humble food, during the centuries, has become the emblem of the territory of Romagna, evolving its imagine of simple and rustic life into a large consumption product. The term Piada has been officialized by the poet Giovanni Pascoli, who Italianized the word piè from the dialect of Romagna. In one of his famous compositions the poet considers the Piadina as ancient as the humanity, defining it as «Romagna’s national bread» and celebrating the indissoluble link between this type of food and this territory. Its origins, however, are really old.

The first testimonies are traceable in the Etruscan age, when a bread substitute was made in a circular form with rough flours and cereals. The first literary traces are found by Pascoli himself inside Virgilio’s Aeneid, VIII, where the roman poet uses, for the first time, the latin construction exiguam orbem. During the Roman age there are numerous testimonies about the use of bread substitute, realized with rough cereals and combined with different types of cheese. The consumption of Piadina has continued through the centuries until the Middle Age, when the inhabitants of Romagna have started to use the poorest cereals to not being taxed by the nobles and landowners. In 1371 the Cardinal Angelico will note that, between the taxes payed by the city of Modigliana (Forlì-Cesena) to the Apostolic Chamber there were two ‘Piade’.

For hunderd years the Piadina has been chosen as bread alternative for everyday life.



Customer Reviews

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I'm so glad I discovered Piedina Romagnola IGP

It's become a staple in my kitchen. I love the versatility of this bread - it's great for making pizzas, but it's also perfect for breakfast or snacking. I highly recommend giving it a try.

Rebecca O.
Ridiculously good

If you're a fan of pizza, you have to try this bread! It's the perfect crust for any toppings, and the flavor is out of this world. But it's not just for pizza - I love to use it as a base for sandwiches or just eat it on its own. It's a real energy booster!

Simply versatile and yummy

It's the perfect bread for making homemade pizzas, but it's also delicious on its own. I love toasting it for breakfast and spreading some jam on top. It keeps me energized all day long.