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Ricotta Salata of Norcia Umbria

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Ricotta salata di Norcia is Produced exclusively by local farms, farms that, being located in Campi di Norcia, can guarantee the traceability of the origin of the milk and consequently have a high quality on the final product, made as it was once made.

Made from sheep's milk, it undergoes the same cooking treatment as fresh ricotta, with longer times and higher temperatures. After cooking, it is taken out of the typical cauldron and wrung out with cotton cloths.

This last operation is essential to give the ricotta the unmistakable pear shape typical of Norcia.

The following morning it is salted and left to rest. The product is covered with bran that contributes to its perfect drying and left to mature for a period ranging from 1 to 3 months.

Use in cooking
Ricotta salata is a seasoned product with a unique taste and is much less caloric than other cheeses such as pecorino. This product is excellent for seasoning various dishes such as pasta alla Norcina or can simply be grated over a good dish of strangozzi, a typical product of Umbria, a pasta made from water and flour.

An alternative use is given by eating it in a mixed appetizer of cured meats and cheeses; cut into cubes it goes well with sauces and jams.

Sheep's milk, salt.

Vacuum packed.

Origin: Norcia
- Italia 
Umbrian product


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Rocco Noto
Best cheese

Enjoyed every bite of it

Adam C.
This is the real deal

I have tried many brands, but Ricotta Salata of Norcia Umbria is by far my favorite. It is well aged, and the flavor is unbeatable. I can't get enough of it.

I love Ricotta cheese!

You can't go wrong with this cheese. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves cheese.

Five stars

I am a big fan of Ricotta cheese and this one is a big hit. The cheese is a great addition to my cheese collection.

Jim M.

I really enjoy Ricotta cheese. It is well aged, delicious and has a great flavor. It pairs well with so many different dishes and I love its versatility.