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Riso Carnaroli superfino, 1 kg - Superfine Carnaroli rice Riserva San Massimo

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Why it’s so delicious?

 Authentic Carnaroli rice, dried at low temperature. The rice fields of the San Massimo reserve in the Ticino Park are irrigated with pure spring water, rich in natural organic substances that improve the characteristic qualities of Carnaroli, cultivated in purity.

Superfine Carnaroli rice cultivated in purity to guarantee only the best grain. Special rice for risottos, fruit of Italian biodiversity, the true wealth of our land. Riserva San Massimo Carnaroli rice is born and grown in the nature reserve of the same name, recognised by the European Union as a site of community interest with special protection.
A selection of 100% Carnaroli, certified seed and guaranteed traceability: you can be sure of cooking grains with the same organoleptic qualities for perfect dishes. Grains that are the same but unique, chosen by the greatest chefs.

What is Carnaroli rice
Carnaroli rice is a variety of the subspecies Japonica, typical of temperate climates. A native rice of the Milan area, it is mainly cultivated in the rice fields of Novara and Vercelli, between Piedmont and Lombardy. It was born in the middle of the last century from a cross between Vialone Nano and Lecino.
The grain is large and elongated (while Vialone Nano is smaller and rounder) and therefore classified as superfine. Italian rice of the japonica subspecies can be subdivided into round, semi-fine and superfine. They differ mainly in their cooking properties and consequently in their use in the kitchen: round (or common) rice varieties are suitable for timbales and soups, while increasing the size of the grain lengthens the time on the cooker, allowing us to have a firm rice even after many minutes of cooking.
The main characteristic of Carnaroli rice is its natural richness in amylose (starch), hence the typical creaminess of risotto.

Riserva San Massimo is a farm that was founded 15 years ago in the Ticino basin area. From the outset, it has been characterised by its commitment to the conservation and revival of local ecosystems: the preservation of biodiversity and the promotion of traditional native crops is a real asset for our gastronomy because more ingredients mean more flavours. The rice fields of the Riserva San Massimo are irrigated by pure resurgences that run through the woods of the Park: these waters are rich in precious organic substances that naturally improve the grain.

Unique Carnaroli rice from certified seed, chosen by great chefs and starred restaurants.  

Surrounded by unspoilt nature and away from through roads, the agricultural area of the Riserva san Massimo gives life to three varieties of high quality rice: Carnaroli rice, both classic and whole, Rosa Marchetti and Vialone Nano.

Cultivation takes place exclusively within the Reserve.

The land that houses the San Massimo farm – a bend in the Ticino river which has changed its course over the years – has proved to be extraordinarily fertile. Throughout the area we find the presence of a very rich peaty substrate, made up of plant remains and microorganisms which, due to the acidity maintained by the water, do not decompose completely, thus making it fertile and allowing little fertilization of the land. using as integration, only in some cases, organic substances (pomace, green manure and other vegetable materials).

The essential protection of biodiversity and the safeguarding of traditional crops implemented within the San Massimo Reserve are evidence of the respect for the conservation measures proposed by the community agricultural policies, but even before the demanding but rewarding choice of the Antonello family – owner for decades della Riserva – which is dedicated to protecting the beauty of the place and supporting native crops.

The maintenance of the grass of the banks on the fields, the deep furrows around their perimeter (which collect a reserve of water essential for the completion of the life cycle of many animal species in cases of drought and for the presence of frogs in the rice fields), crop rotation, and integrated agriculture techniques in general are just some of the examples of good practices that have contributed to maintaining local biodiversity unaltered, also determining the uniqueness of the cultivated products.

Origin: Italia Piemonte Authentic Italian product

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