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Roner Grappa Gewürztraminer Riserva 40% vol. 0,70l

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Why it’s so delicious?

Welcome to the world of Roner Grappa Gewürztraminer Riserva! Discover the exceptional craftsmanship and exquisite flavors of this premium Italian grappa. This meticulously crafted spirit embodies the essence of the Gewürztraminer grape variety, resulting in a unique and unforgettable tasting experience. Join us as we delve into the details of Roner Grappa Gewürztraminer Riserva, a true masterpiece of distillation.

About Roner Distillery: Roner Distillery, nestled in the heart of the Italian Alps, has been a beacon of excellence in the art of distillation for over 70 years. Their commitment to tradition and innovation has earned them a distinguished reputation in the spirits industry. Roner's dedication to sourcing the finest local ingredients and employing time-honored techniques is evident in every bottle of their Grappa Gewürztraminer Riserva.

The Grappa Gewürztraminer Riserva: Volume: 0.70 liters Alcohol Content: 40% vol.

Tasting Notes: Roner Grappa Gewürztraminer Riserva is a true expression of the Gewürztraminer grape. Upon opening the bottle, you're greeted with a bouquet of floral and fruity aromas, reminiscent of white flowers and ripe tropical fruits. The first sip reveals a velvety and harmonious palate, with hints of lychee, rose petals, and spices. Its long and satisfying finish leaves a warm and memorable impression.

Production Process: Crafted with precision, this Riserva grappa is made from the pomace of carefully selected Gewürztraminer grapes. The grapes are gently pressed, and the resulting pomace is fermented and distilled in copper pot stills. The aging process takes place in oak barrels, allowing the spirit to develop its unique character and complexity.

Serving Recommendations: Roner Grappa Gewürztraminer Riserva is best enjoyed neat or as a delightful addition to your favorite cocktails. Serve it slightly chilled in a tulip-shaped glass to enhance the aromas and flavors. Whether you're sipping it as an after-dinner digestif or using it as an ingredient in creative mixology, this grappa is sure to elevate your drinking experience.

Packaging: Each bottle of Roner Grappa Gewürztraminer Riserva is elegantly presented in a 0.70-liter glass bottle with a classic label that reflects the brand's heritage and commitment to quality.

Roner Grappa Gewürztraminer Riserva is a testament to the artistry and passion of Roner Distillery. With its remarkable flavors, meticulous craftsmanship, and stunning presentation, it's a spirit that appeals to both connoisseurs and those seeking a taste of Italian excellence. Indulge in the rich heritage and flavors of Roner Grappa Gewürztraminer Riserva, and experience the essence of the Gewürztraminer grape like never before. Cheers to a journey of taste and tradition!

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