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Rum Don Papa - Baroko - Limited Edition - Gift Box

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Why it’s so delicious?

Rum "Baroko" is a label produced by the Don Papa brand. It is a reality from the Philippines, which has built its success on the very ancient tradition of sugarcane cultivation. If, in fact, in the Caribbean the plant was brought by the Conquistadors, in the Philippines it has always been present. It is a Rum that disorients and overturns many beliefs, revealing new territory and giving a new taste adventure, with an extraordinary quality molasses at its base. Thus is born a very rich, smooth and sweet Rum, which conquers by its unusual breadth and aromatic richness.

"Baroko" is a Rum son of the lush and fertile land of the Philippines. The Don Papa distillery is located on the island of Negros and in a decade or so, it has been able to establish itself as one of the most interesting newcomers on the world spirits scene. At the base of the Rum is a quality of sugarcane that is among the best in the world, grown in the ideal climate and on mineral-rich soils generated by the lava disintegration of the ancient slopes of the nearby Mount Kanloan volcano. The cane is hand-cut and processed to extract a fragrant molasses dense with sweet aromas. This is followed by fermentation of the raw material and the subsequent distillation stage, carried out in traditional copper stills. The rich distillate matures for a long time in highly toasted American oak barrels, previously used for Bourbon aging. Before bottling, a pinch of cane sugar is added to the Rum to make its profile softer and sweeter.

Don Papa "Baroko" Rum is the choice of those who like spirits with a very soft and suave character, bringing all the sweetness of excellent quality molasses into the glass. To the eye it is bright amber in color with brilliant reflections. Intense and particularly rich, it gives aromas reminiscent of the sweetness of ripe tropical fruit, the softness of caramel and mixed-flower honey, aromas of candied fruit, bitter orange peel, vanilla, oriental spices, toasted almonds, dried fruit, chocolate and slightly toasted woody memories. The palate entry is broad and warm, with dense enveloping aromas, giving a very harmonious, ripe and aromatically rich sip. The finish is persuasive and of great flavor persistence.

Dark amber
Notes of tropical fruit, sweet spices, vanilla, dried fruit, caramel and hints of wood
Round, elegant, ripe, intense and with great richness 


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Don Papa Baroko is a game-changer in the world of rum

It's smooth, sweet, and bursting with flavor. This limited edition gift box makes it the perfect gift for any rum enthusiast.

Joe C.

I was blown away by the complexity and depth of flavors in Don Papa Baroko. It's the kind of rum that you sip and savor slowly.

Top quality rum

The molasses used in Don Papa Baroko is of exceptional quality, which gives it a rich and delicious flavor. This is truly a premium rum.

I love it

Don Papa Baroko is the perfect rum for anyone who enjoy smooth and sweet spirits. It's a unique taste adventure that you won't forget!