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Rum 'Pacto Navio' Havana Club

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Why it’s so delicious?
"Pacto Navio" comes from an assemblage of different Rums aged from 7 to 15 years, processed from very sugary molasses and distilled continuously. Once the blending is finished, further aging takes place in the fine barrels that contained Sauternes capable of bringing finesse, elegance and moribidity to the liquid. The result is a fine Rum with a rich, round and creamy profile, with intense hints of vanilla, caramel, honey, sweet spices and dried fruit.

Havana Club's "Pacto Navio" Rum is a high-end distillate that is marketed by one of Cuba's most famous brands. It is made from a molasses of extraordinary quality, obtained by processing fine varieties of sugar cane. The secret of its aromatic richness and smoothness, descends from a careful selection of the best Rums aged in wood for a period of at least 7 years, which are expertly blended to achieve a result of extraordinary expressive harmony. It is a connoisseur's Rum, expressing all the charm of Cuba's great tradition in making intense and rich distillates, reminiscent of ripe aromas of fruit, oriental spices and caramel.

"Pacto Navio" is a Cuban Rum, which is produced and aged in the distilleries of San José de Las Lajas near the city of Havana. In addition to absolute care in the selection of raw materials and distillation, the Rum differs from normal production in that it is aged in fine French oak barrels, previously used for aging Sauternes. Rum's name comes from a historical fact of the past. "Pacto Navio" refers to the end of the wars in Europe after the Restoration of 1815, which had reopened trade routes between the old and new worlds. Among the goods exported to the Americas were the sweet wines produced in the Sauternes area, which were highly valued overseas. Thus was born the idea of using the old barrels of the precious French nectar to refine the best Cuban Rums.

The Rum "Pacto Navio" from the famous Cuban house Havana Club, is made in a limited number of bottles, just to emphasize its precious value and its production still linked to an ancient craft savoir-faire. Fruit of the experience of Rum Master Asbel Morales, it is a Rum with a classic face, surprising in its richness and pleasantness. In the glass it is amber in color with bright, brilliant mahogany highlights. The bouquet is dense, complex, with floral scents, aromas of dried fruit, dehydrated fruit, candied citrus peel, notes of vanilla, honey, caramel and soft oriental spices. The palate has a persuasive entry with a broad and deep sip, anticipating a finish of great flavor persistence.

Consistent and bright amber
Notes of dried fruits, acacia honey, sweet spices, vanilla and nuances of caramel and citrus peel
Soft, elegant, round, creamy and long lasting

Customer Reviews

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Harold M.
This rum is simply divine!

The complex aromas and flavors make for a truly indulgent experience. I highly recommend it.

Amazing taste.

I never knew rum could taste this good! Pacto Navio is now my go-to choice for a smooth and delicious drink.

Beautiful inside out

Pacto Navio is the perfect balance of sweetness and spice, a truly exceptional rum. T.