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The Essence of Capri - Limoncello Gin Hand Painted Jar

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Authentic Fine Food imported from Italy

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Solaro Gin is born in Capri and entirely handmade in Italy.
It's the only award-winning gin made in and by the people of Capri and surrounding region.

Each of Solaro Gin’s main Botanicals are sourced from Capri and nearby, within this gorgeous region of Italy and just a short distance of our distillery we use the following main ingredients:

  • Zagara (lemon blossom) is delicately gathered from Monte Solaro in Capri and gives our gin its inviting aroma.

  • Sun-soaked Red Juniper from nearby Cilento serves as our main botanical.

  • Amalfi lemon leaf and lemon peel extracts bring a burst of citrus.

  • The mystical Mirto (myrtle) berry from Sorrento brings character.

  • Hints of 100% Arabica coffee roasted by hand in nearby Napoli.

We’ve made a gin that is not only incredibly fresh and fragrant but also smooth and hearty. It can be enjoyed neat or accompany your favorite cocktail.

Capri with every sip

With fragrant and heady botanicals from our blue island and nearby, Solaro is a gin that like Capri, you’ll want to go back to again and again.

Every handmade ceramic bottle takes a week to make by a family of Italian artisans.

We obsessed over every detail to make a gin like no other.

Solaro is an aromatic, fragrant London dry gin that is smooth yet delicate enough to be experienced neat on the rocks.

It is distilled using quintessential Mediterranean botanicals handpicked in Capri and nearby, giving Solaro its unique citrusy aroma. Read about our exquisite ingredients.

Despite what many assume, gin was born in Italy, right next to Capri in nearby Salerno, and it is where where our 3rd generation master distiller brings Solaro to life.

Every sip is a dive into Capri’s deep blue sea, a stroll around its alleys, and an homage to Capri’s culture.

The World’s Most Sustainable LIMONCELLO Gin
All the knowhow and materials used in Solaro come from Italy. From the clay used in the bottle, to every ingredient, the nearby distillation and bottling, even the labels and cartons and of course the people it takes for such a unique creation; everything is local.

From making a bottle you’ll want to keep forever, to low-impact production and manufacturing, we’re focused on environmental and cultural sustainability to preserve Capri’s, and Italy’s, heritage and environment and to support the local community of artisans and distillers.

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