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Barrel-Aged Cheese - Vento d'Estate with High Mountain Hay

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Authentic Fine Food imported from Italy

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Why it’s so delicious?

Unique, pleasantly aromatic flavour with an aftertaste reminiscent of ALPINE hay and flowers.

The fusion in barrique between cheese and over 120 aromatic high mountain herbs. Conceived in the cool meadows of the Dolomites, Vento d'Estate encapsulates all the purity of the Carpenedo family's ageing technique.

What is hiding round a mountain hairpin bend on a hot summer’s afternoon? A nuisance or an opportunity? Antonio Carpenedo falls into a special category of men who don’t see a slow cart of hay pulled behind a rumbling tractor as an obstacle. It is not advisable to overtake and the fragrance of the freshly-cut hay excites Antonio’s senses and imagination. The straight road provides a chance to ask the farmer to pull over. In a world ruled by haste, indifference and cold human relations, Antonio surprises the local mountain dweller with a somewhat unconventional request: to fill the boot of his car with the fragrant mountain hay. The farmer is happy to oblige and won’t accept any money, it is a priceless gesture. Antonio is still not quite sure how he will use it, but from that moment on his efforts will transform into the work of art known as Vento d’Estate®

The first, the only, the inimitable

There have always been attempts to copy the Carpenedo Method. But it is impossible to replicate because it is based on precise and secret processing procedures, plus several unique ingredients which include the knowledge of local traditions, life and travel experiences, a culture of using the most diverse raw materials, passion and a lot of instinct. .

All this transforms the cheese into an emotion, the emotion of Carpenedo. .

The processing is as complex as it is unique, with unexpected flavours and innovative combinations that change the essence of the cheese, starting from the paste, which is transformed, its flavour becoming subtle and elegantly elevated by the aromas dosed with wisdom.
A unique, unrepeatable and inimitable metamorphosis.

Origin: Dolomiti
Italian product


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kerri Saadi
Must have!


Delight on the palate

The cheese is a real delight. Its bite, flavor and texture leave you wanting more.

Scott A.
A great deal of cheese

The most distinctive cheese made with top quality ingredients. The taste is soft and aromatic, pleasant to both young and old. Would recommend this.

S. Lavine
This cheese is a real treat

You can taste the quality of the ingredients used in this cheese. The aftertaste is like a hint of wildflowers and Alpine hay. I've never tasted anything like it. This would be a perfect cheese for a holiday gathering or wine tasting party.

Paul Berman
Thank you!

Ciao! If you are looking for fresh and delicious cheese with a twist, then I'd recommend you this one. This is an original product from Italy.